ColorWave 600

Is the first product based on the company’s new printing technology called Océ CrystalPoint. The ColorWave 600, says Océ, combines the best of both toner and inkjet printing, and can print large-format, full-color images on a wide variety of media. Océ says the ColorWave 600 Printer’s print speed is at least twice as fast as conventional inkjet systems. So not only can the ColorWave 600 print quickly and use any type of paper, its environmental friendliness is furthered by some of its packaging being reusable and its cartridges recyclable. Plus, the new large-format color printer enables companies to reduce turnaround time and accelerate project completion with up to 4–6 times faster color production than legacy inkjet products. Its color printing at monochrome LED speeds has a maximum throughput of 1,575 square feet per hour, according to the company. The ColorWave 600 can reduce a company’s paper costs because it can print in both color and black & white on lower-cost, untreated, and recycled paper — whereas most existing color wide-format products require specially coated inkjet paper. Plus, there is no longer a significant difference between color and black & white output with regard to productivity and print quality. The ColorWave 600 supports Océ’s patented CrystalPoint Quality, which is said to produce crisp lines and “eye-popping graphics on plain paper.” The printer can hold up to 6 rolls at 650 feet per roll, and it offers automatic roll switching. Color resolution is 1200 dots per inch.

ColorWave 300

Unique large format copier, multifunction printer, color plotter and scanner Copy, print and scan in color and black & white with this large format printer. The single footprint of the Océ ColorWave 300 wide format all-in-one system saves floor space thanks to its integrated color scanner. Controlled from one operator panel, a single compact unit effortlessly handles all your color and black & white technical document tasks. Take the jump to one with the Océ ColorWave 300 large format printer. Five key savings with this large format printer * Save floor space with one compact large format printer for all color and black & white tasks * Eliminate waste and faulty copies. Océ Image Logic ensures first-time-right results for wide format color scanning and copying * No need to haul plans around, print directly from or scan to a USB stick * No messing around with different file types. Print all file formats directly: HP-GL/2, DWF, JPEG, PDF and many more * Ensure long-term accessibility of digitally archived documents with scan to PDF/A One for all: large format copier, color plotter and scanner Print, copy and scan all your color and black & white large format documents on one system. The Océ ColorWave 300 large format printer easily handles all file formats including HP-Gl/2, PDF, DWF and JPEG. One simple, intuitive user panel controls all functions. Proven Océ Image Logic and Océ Dynamic Switching technologies ensure first-time-right results. And printing and scanning with a USB stick gives you even more flexibility. One that saves: reduce floor space and costs Save on floor space and costs by replacing separate large format copier, plotter and scanner with a single large format printer for both color and black & white. No extra table is needed with the top-side large format stacker. Working with a wide format all-in-one reduces money tied upin supplies and limits the IT support required.

PlotWave 300

Large format printer that saves space, time and energy The Océ PlotWave 300 plotter is the most energy efficient large format printer in its segment. It is ideal for small workgroups in engineering, construction and manufacturing. This large format system fits in tiny spaces and features an instant plotter, A0 copier and superior color scanner all-in-one. Reliable Océ technology and sustainable printing design guarantees a long, productive lifetime. Enjoy using a fast, trouble-free plotter * Convenient USB printing and scanning * Neat document delivery prevents damaged prints * Automated roll changing reduces physical strain * Instant operation with patented Océ Radiant Fusing technology * Superior color scanning with unique Océ Color Image Logic technology The next wave of simplicity in a large format printer Print and scan documents at the system with a USB flash drive so you don’t have to borrow a computer or haul drawings around. Easily switch rolls on the fly with automated roll changing. Feed scanning originals in face-up with digital width recognition for fewer scanning errors. Say goodbye to damaged prints and backaches with the top delivery tray on this compact plotter. The next wave of green technology in a plotter Conventional roller-based systems have long warm-up and cool-down periods which waste time and energy. The patented Océ Radiant Fusing technology is purpose-built to provide the most efficient way to fuse toner onto the paper. The plotter starts up instantly, uses half the energy of comparable systems, makes no noise when it is idling and requires no extra ventilation to keep it cool. A catalytic convertor system ensures that virtually no ozone emissions are produced. The next wave of durability in a plotter The Océ PlotWave 300 large format printer is constructed of solid, hard wearing materials that are designed to make this plotter last longer than comparable systems. Critical components, such as the imaging drum and other moving parts are completely enclosed to reduce contamination and wear and tear. High use parts, like the media drawers and panels are made of reinforced materials to provide a sustainable printing solution. The next wave of quality in a large format printer Océ Color Image Logic technology produces the best quality scans in its segment. Océ high resolution pico printing technology enables you to consistently produce drawings with finer details, sharper lines and text and smooth area fills on this wide format printer. The right formula for professional results and happier customers.


The Océ TCS500 is a productive large format color printer with high processing power and 3 media rolls. This CAD plotter can produce your CAD and GIS drawings at high throughput, meeting tight deadlines. You can expand this large format color printer with a large format scanner to a wide format copier. The Océ TCS500 saves you time and waste. No trimming and automatically folded drawings with the online folder. Speed up your project with large format color printer, wide format copier and large format scanner * 1 GB processing power, concurrent printing, scanning, copying and file processing * 3 media rolls and DIN-size printing, no roll changing, no trimming, no waste * Automatically matches print quality to content – no compromise between speed and quality * Queue management – print or copy your most urgent plan first * Direct access to color and monochrome, copy or scan directly to Océ TCS500 large format color printer, or other Océ monochrome large format printer * Online folding for automatic folding of drawings, accessible from every desktop A true multifuctional with the Océ TCS500 large format scanner Even during high speed printing to 3 media rolls, the large format scanner is fully operational. You can scan or copy your plans while the large format color printer is producing your drawings. Océ Dynamic Switching technology automatically matches the quality setting to file content on-the-fly. When needed, you can change the quality and paper settings at the printer, with no need to resend your file. The productive Océ TCS500 large format color printer won’t waste your time.


The Océ TDS320 is a large format printer producing CAD drawings in black & white at speeds close to 2A0/E size or 4A1/D size prints per min. With 2 rolls online this CAD plotter can efficiently replace a slower inkjet large format plotter. It is a cost-effective large format printer, CAD plotter and large format plotter with proven reliability for CAD users looking for simplicity. Experience simplicity and true reliability with your CAD plotter * Always ready with its unique Océ Radiant Fusing technology that eliminates warming-up time * No more lengthy processing time for your CAD plotter with the Océ Power Logic controller * Simple “Green button” copying with no trial & error thanks to the unique Océ Image Logic technology * Durable materials for a robust design used worldwide by more than a million users daily Affordable large format printer, copier and scanner At an affordable price the Océ TDS320 will give you peace of mind for years to come. * Efficient, powerful large format printer with high performance print drivers and unique Océ Power Logic controller for quick, simple submission of your CAD plots * Instantly available large format plotter with optional scanner for right-first-time “Green button” large format scanning * Embedded Océ Image Logic technology automatically enhances image quality * Durable materials protect your CAD plotter investment * Proven technology developed by Océ, the world’s leading large format printer, copier and scanner supplier * You can rely on the Océ organization and partners for continuous updates and efficient service


The Océ TDS450 is a large format printer producing high quality CAD drawings in black & white and scanning in full color at a speed of 2 A0/E size or 4A1/D size per min. With a comprehensive suite of supporting software, this CAD plotter can efficiently improve your CAD drawings workflow. It is a high quality, hard-working large format plotter, copier and scanner for CAD users looking for efficiency with a low environmental impact. Benefit from a high quality and effective CAD plotter while lowering your environmental impact * Unique stacking and print when needed save time and paper with your large format printer * Break new records in productivity while cutting energy usage * Get better quality CAD plotter drawings while using more recycled materials * Simplify document tasks while getting rid of uncomfortable noise and emissions from your wide format laser printer High quality, hard-working and eco-friendly large format printer, copier and scanner Without compromising on quality or productivity for your CAD plotter, the Océ TDS450 helps you contribute to protecting the environment. * The unique motorized Compact Output Stacker saves you time collecting and organizing your CAD drawings * Reliable previewing, print on the spot “inbox” and 2 rolls online result in less paper waste with your large format printer * Unique Océ Radiant Fusing technology enhances productivity and eliminates warming-up time, making this large format plotter exceptionally energy-efficient. No waiting for plots and low energy usage * Océ “Green button” fully integrated for right-first-time copying and scanning * Lowest noise, ozone and dust emissions in the industry make working with your wide format laser printer, copier and scanner exceptionally safe and comfortable


The Océ TDS700 is an award-winning, revolutionary wide format printer that’s easy to use and optimizes your wide format printing workflow. With flexible configuration options, it can be used as a CAD plotter, central production printer or commercial printer for high quality, high speed printing. Field upgradability and connectivity to an Océ color device make the Océ TDS700 the optimal large format printer for now and the future. It is reliably built for excellent performance, and is an eco friendly wide format solution for your CAD copying and high speed printing needs. Incredible large format printer features * Maximized output – 4.7 A0/min. (9 Ds/min.), and capable of running uninterrupted for 1200 m² * Unsurpassed configurability – choice from 2 to 6 media rolls, cut sheet trays, 2 scanners, color scanning, folders and finishing options * Superior output quality – 600×1200 dpi pico-printing for sharp details and smooth gray areas * Intuitive, ergonomic design for streamlined wide format printing * Scanner templates for one-step scanning with repetitive settings * Unique long-term investment – ideally meets your current requirements, field upgradeable as needs change * Eco-design – lowest energy usage, noise level and ozone emission in its class Revolutionary, easy-to-use CAD plotter With the Océ TDS700 large format printer, Océ Flexible Scanner and Océ TCS500 printer, you can optimize your black & white printing workflow and also copy and print in color. The color scanner seamlessly copies to the Océ TDS700 monochrome CAD plotter or sends color copies directly to the Océ TCS500 color printer. The Océ TDS700 was designed to streamline printing of wide format engineering drawings from submission to retrieval and distribution. Print submission software is intuitive so you get output quickly and easily. Océ Radiant Fusing technology ensures instant printing with no warming-up time. The automatic media cutter in each roll drawer optimizes media changes and ensures consistent printing speed for mixed-size collated sets. No time is wasted while printing on the Océ TDS700 large format printer. Even toner loading is easy, eliminating messy, time consuming changing of toner cartridges. Productivity increases as users spend less time waiting at the large format printer, defining scanner settings or loading paper.


The Océ TDS800 Pro Series award-winning, large format printer is the optimal solution for central reprographics departments or commercial printers requiring fast turnaround and efficiency. Customers demand high quality prints with short turnaround times. The Océ TDS800 Pro Series combines speed, quality and reliability in an easy-to-use wide format printer so you can always meet the deadline and quality demands of reprographics customers. Secure large format printer investment The Océ TDS800 Pro Series large format printer provides durability, support and field upgradeability to suit your current and future needs. * Quality, reliable digital printing with the unique Océ Copy Press technology * High-speed wide format printer with choice of three speeds- up to 10 A0/min for heavy workloads and tough deadlines. * Flexible configurations – 2-6 roll media capability, two scanners and a range of finishing options. * Largest on-line media capacity supporting oversized 200 meter rolls and up to 1200 meters of un-interrupted printing! * Consistent scanning and first-time right quality, with Océ Image Logic technology Maximize digital printing business opportunities With the combination of Océ TDS800 Pro Series and Océ Repro Desk software, you have a solution to maximize your reprographics business growth potential. Directly connecting your customer’s CAD desktop with your digital print room, it creates an efficient, truly end-to-end digital workflow. Clients submit print-ready jobs digitally; you minimize pre-flight/troubleshooting time and eliminate costly mistakes. Costs are reduced, customer satisfaction increases and your commercial printing business expands. Delivering the right speed, quality, and features, the Océ TDS800 Pro Series is the professional’s choice for production printing in a market that demands fast, quality, reliable service.